WYD is coming: 
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We are praying for World Youth Day!

Among multiple preparations (logistic, organizational etc.), we want to pay attention to spiritual preparation for WYD. We consider that event as a gift of Divine Providence that will help us in the process of religious revival of youth, but also the revival of communities that young people live in: family, school, associations, movements, places of spending their free time…

The period of preparation to WYD ought to be the time of intensified spiritual formation – the opportunity to find the personal way to God. It should be the time of increasingly conscious joining in the life of Church, which is our personal community. If you undertake that Crusade, you are READY for:

  •  Praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet on every Friday (at any hour).
  •  Organizing and participating in any form of devotion celebrated for the intention of good spiritual preparations for WYD Krakow 2016.
  • Apostleship of Prayer by promoting the Prayer Crusade among your community.

Do not disappoint us! Do not disappoint yourself!

While undertaking the Crusade, fill in the registration form: I’m in!

Let’s feel the power of united prayer!


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